York City midfielder Akil Wright has opened up about his struggles with injury and thanked his club for the support they’ve given him.

A groin injury that first began when playing for his former club Wrexham has been one affecting Wright 25, from then on since being at current club York it has flared up numerous times and Wright feels that an injury can be an issue on and off the pitch.

Photo by Mike on Pexels.com

“It is very dependent on the length of the injury, it can be hard if you’re out for a while, however it it’s only a short term injury you have to stay positive,” Wright said.

“It affects you on the football side as you aren’t out there playing, and you feel your missing out on matchday with the lads.

“Outside of football in my experience when I was younger, I would be moody when being home which would affect my family and friends as well as me.”

Wright also explained the emotions he goes through when he has an injury.

“Frustration is the key one missing out on playing and training, but also motivation to get back playing as soon as you can.”

With Wright’s club knowing how hard it can be when going through the rehab process, he’s made sure they know how grateful he is for their support and what equipment they have available to use.

“The club make sure you do the right things when at the club or at home they set us programs to do away from the club, he said.

“It works both ways and you have to stay positive make sure you do everything to make the recovery process quicker.

“The physio Lewis Burman is a massive help for sure, there’s been days I’ve been down whilst being injured and because your always in when the lads are off, it allows you extra days to recover as fast as possible.

“We have a stretch room with equipment such a bike, foam rollers etc, we also have a local gym which players are allowed to use which has the perfect equipment for player recovery.”

For Wright the support of manager Steve Watson was massive for him before Watson was sacked by the club last month.

“The gaffer has always been good with players going to speak to him about any problems there are on or off the pitch.”

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