By Harry Parker

Manchester United legend and UA92 co-founder Gary Neville arrived on campus on Tuesday to give the newest students an insightful questions and answers session. Hosted by third year student Bobbi Hadgraft, Gary started off the session by explaining that he wanted to create an institution that is different from other higher education establishments, that offers some of the best quality education to the public. He continued that he, along with his fellow team-mates from the Class of 92, wanted to create a place that not only offers a strong education, but also “prepares students for their chosen industries”. 

It was seriously inspiring to be able to sit and watch a student from UA92 interview Gary, and something that many will now be hoping to do themselves. Gary himself mentioned that he noticed a huge difference in Bobbi’s presenting style from a few years ago, as her confidence, techniques and presence had developed and grown since joining UA92. 

As the session progressed, Bobbi offered a few students in attendance the chance to ask their own questions to Gary. I was lucky enough to ask Gary if he had any tips and recommendations for me, being a sports journalism student, for going into the journalism and media sector. It was so informative to listen to Gary suggest an array of different projects and things in and outside of UA92 that I could be doing to get my name out there. He referred constantly to being passionate about whatever you do in life and holding a self-drive and belief throughout your personal career, as he strongly believes these are the factors that make you successful and give you the edge within your industry. 

Gary continuously used stories from his playing days at Manchester United, using examples from the likes of Roy Keane and Denis Irwin to really exaggerate the importance of hard work in order to become as successful as you can be. It was interesting to hear that Gary believes he can still be more successful and improve alongside his business ventures as well as growing UA92.

I think this really goes to show that no matter what you achieve, whether that be trophies, awards, or being offered your dream job roles, there is always room to develop and improve. Seeing Gary around campus was surreal and getting the chance to speak to him myself was even more dreamlike, especially as a United fan! 

It’s without a doubt that every student who not only attended the Q&A, but who will have the chance to speak to Gary in the future, will be totally inspired and motivated by his raw passion and drive for the students to succeed in their chosen careers. It felt as though Gary has a real care and devotion to every student who is lucky enough to study here at UA92. All in all, the experience was absolutely staggering, and it was a great event organised by the amazing staff here at UA92! 

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