Although still at university, the 20 year-old has left the amateur ranks and is now setting his sights on becoming a world champion.

Alex Murphy has been boxing since he was eight years old and recently made the choice to turn professional, announcing his decision on the January 23 via Instagram.

Fighting out of Eccles Boxing School, where he has trained and fought for nine years at amateur level, Murphy is aiming to compete at Light Welterweight and has already started cutting for a potential debut in July, where he might fight on the undercard of former world champion Brian Rose in Blackpool.

Currently studying sports coaching and development at Edge Hill University, the 20-year-old also coaches boxing at Eccles Boxing School, running his own one on one sessions. During the coronavirus pandemic he has used his knowledge and love for sport to help people – providing his Instagram followers with home workouts.

Murphy also has a passion for charity work as he regularly uses his platform to run fundraisers for local charities such as Salford Loaves and Fishes; last February he managed to raise £282, which was spent on food and essentials.

UA92 Insider spoke to Murphy about his decision to turn pro and expectations for the future.

What influenced your decision to turn pro?

AM: I was always going to be turning pro. I had the right set-up for it and the right people around me. We had spoken about it, but didn’t expect to make the turn this early as I wanted more amateur fights. The plan was to turn pro once I had finished university.

But because turning pro is a long process and given the COVID situation, we thought we may as well get it done now. I can always fight after university (one year left) we are just getting the start-up out the way.

How are you finding your first few months of pro life?

AM: I’ve really been enjoying it. Building a team of sponsors is something new to me and it’s a massive part of the pro game. I’ve attracted quite a lot of sponsors. I am happy that a lot of the sponsors are people I know and get on with, as it is good to work with people you already have a relationship with.

I don’t want to just take, take, take, I want to help; I want us to help each other and support each other throughout my career.

Will you be continuing your charity work and PT sessions?

AM: Definitely. The more I progress the better my charity work will become, as the bigger the platform the more money I can raise. I will also carry on with the PT sessions as a side income as it doesn’t affect my training because I am essentially living in the gym. If I’m not there training, I am there working.

When is your first fight?

AM: There is no debut confirmed just yet. I am hoping for something in July providing the COVID situation allows it. There’s a possibility I might be on the undercard of Brian Rose the former world champion, which will be in Blackpool.

I am really itching to get a date assigned. July would be perfect as I will be in my summer break at university. If it doesn’t happen this summer, it will probably be next summer once I finish my course. But I am absolutely praying for July.

What are you hoping to achieve?

AM: I want to be world champion. I want to be the best. I want to make a name for myself, and I believe I can. I have all the right traits, I am hardworking, I am dedicated, I have a great mindset, I know what I want and I am willing to go out and get it. I am willing to work hard and put everything on the line for it.

It will all come down to whether I have the talent. I can sit here and say I have got the talent, but its not for me to say it, its for me to show. If you look at the world champions now and go back to their first fight, they weren’t good enough to be a world champion in that fight.

Boxing is a long process, you get better as you go on, you learn as you go on. I am willing to do that, I am in it for the long run. Yet, my main aim is to just enjoy my career.”

Alex Murphy is still looking to add to his team of sponsors and local businesses can get in touch via Twitter.

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