Government criticised after they release a new plan to protect women

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has unveiled new plans to be put in place to protect women from harassment whilst they are out at night, in the wake of Sarah Everard’s death.

The government has announced a new policy involving plain-clothes officers patrolling bars and clubs to prevent harassment from predatory offenders. The new policy is part of a plan to make women feel safer, after concerns were raised following the tragic death of Everard.

Sarah Everard was a 33-year-old, marketing manager who lived in London. She went missing on Wednesday, March 3 after leaving a friend’s house in Clapham. Sadly, Sarah’s remains were found and PC Wayne Couzens, 48, has been charged with her kidnap and murder.

The plan made by Boris Johnson contains:

  • Plain-clothes police to patrol bars and clubs
  • Increase in patrols around closing times of venues
  • A new £45million budget for improved lighting and CCTV in parks and other routes commonly taken by women

Yet these new plans seem to have created more questions and worries rather than reassured women.

A lot of people fear this is a quick-fix to a problem that is deeply ingrained into society. A problem that needs to be met with education and empathy rather than scaremongering and intimidation tactics. The new plan seems to highlight a huge problem with the government. A group of middle-aged men and women making laws and plans about a subject they are clearly out of touch with. When was the last time Boris Johnson went to 42’s?

With help from younger people in society they could create a more cost effective plan that will actually make a difference. Rather than chucking money on new lighting for parks.

“I think it’s a really bad idea. I think that bouncers being more vigilant would be enough to make people feel safer without the need for plain clothed officers. The money saved could be used to improve education to change people’s mindsets or to help victims.”

– Emily, UA92 student

The idea of police wearing plain clothes is also a head scratcher. Surely police will stick out like a sore thumb in most bars and clubs up and down the country. As many people on Twitter are explaining.

Plain-clothes police are also not the best look to go for, after all it was a plain-clothes police officer who has been arrested for the murder and kidnap of Sarah Everard. Could it be that plain-clothes officers are being chosen so that the police don’t have to actually be there? With no police uniform what is stopping people from taking advantage of this idea? Is there really enough police to have them in all bars and nightclubs, which will get chosen?

“Personally I think it would scare me, not knowing who was there to protect me. I feel seeing the police uniform would make me more comfortable. As oppose to plain-clothes police who could abuse their position.”

– Ella, University of Chester student

Overall women seem to appreciate the new plan. Yet, the plan is awful. The government needs to be focusing on tackling male violence and harassment towards women directly, rather than trying to reduce it at certain times of the day in certain areas.

Here is a video to leave you on, in which a caller who has been a victim of sexual harassment shares her thoughts on the policy.

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