Following the recent events around Sarah Everard’s tragic death, women are speaking out more than ever about their fears and the everyday struggles they face just because they’re women.

It has sparked urgency around the globe for change and so many women have questions that need to be answered. There needs to be change; change within the education system and change within law so we can monitor closer than ever before, men who make women feel like objects.

We as women have always been afraid to speak out with men labelling us as liars and also the fact that women who do want to tell their truths end up not getting what they deserve from the justice system. Let’s also bring in the fact that, according to 2019 Home Office statistics, only 1.7% of rapes reported in England and Wales get prosecuted.

What is the point in speaking out when no one believes you and even if they do nothing gets done?

But speaking out is something we all need to do and over time, with the right education, hopefully men will begin to understand how all women – no matter the clothing we wear or our age – can still experience sexual assault.

Here are my top 10 tips to stay safe when living in Manchester:

  1. Travel in groups and try to avoid going places alone.
  2. Get Ubers – friends can track your ride home using trip tracker in the Uber app)
  3. Share your location with a close friend/relative when meeting someone or going somewhere alone.
  4. Carry a personal alarm, available to purchase on Amazon.
  5. Stay in well-lit areas at night, avoid dark alleyways.
  6. Don’t flaunt valuables, keep them well hidden.
  7. Be careful with drinks e.g. Never leave drinks unattended
  8. When walking alone, be mindful of how you dress.
  9. Call someone when getting a taxi alone if you feel uncomfortable.
  10. Never leave possessions unattended.

In a recent podcast, myself and fellow second-year UA92 journalism student Emily Hogg spoke in further detail about what you can do to stay safe. We elaborated on what needs to be changed in society to make men understand what is classed as sexual assault and what they can do to make women feel more comfortable.

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