By Bobbi Hadgraft

Only the second week on the job and my boss, the Gazette’s editor Nicki, tasked me with my very first live event. Here I would attend, take photos, conduct interviews and represent the paper.

The event in question was the long-awaited reopening of Hornsea Leisure Centre. I had prepared questions over the weekend, been in touch with the manager of the facility to arrange timings and planned the angle of the resulting article.

Monday at 1pm, straight after my online session at uni, I arrived on location. Despite thinking nerves hadn’t got the best of me, once there, the reality of the situation hit. The added pressure of making sure to follow one-way systems and overheating in my facemask certainly didn’t help my situation. I still cringe at the fact I held out my hand for a handshake with the manager, before realising my error and going in for an elbow bump!

The manager gave me a tour of the building, and using skills I’d picked up on the UA92 ‘Media Production’ and ‘Communication Techniques and Creating Content’ modules in Year One of my Journalism degree, I snapped away, ensuring I gathered a collection of high quality images to be used in the newspaper.

A project I worked on alongside the task set was recording filmed content. I had ideas to improve the Gazette’s social media platforms, inspired by similar projects I had worked on as a student at UA92. I decided to film a walkthrough of the building as well as a short vlog style video to introduce the video. I added a voiceover and subtitles and sent it to the editor. Long story short, Nicki loved it and it has been very well received on social media!

Before the deadline on Wednesday, I had written up my Hornsea piece and a couple of articles following stories of local people – as well as getting my sport in with a feature on a football match I had attended at the weekend. Tuesday evening was a tad chaotic.

By Thursday, my name was on the front page of the paper. I couldn’t believe my hard work had paid off and I’d managed to reach this milestone so soon. A feature article on page 6 also introduced the readers to their brand new Hornsea Correspondent, accompanied by a page filled with images I’d taken on my visit.

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