Matt is a first (nearly second) year Journalism student

By Matt Owen

Lockdown during this pandemic has been challenging but also really rewarding! I’ve had time to think about how my first year has gone and consider what I can do to develop as a future journalist. I have tried to use this period in a productive manner trying to get some experience in the world of sports journalism, which isn’t easy when there is not much sport to talk or write about!

But, over the past few weeks, I have been given the opportunity to work with professional journalist Kevin Palmer and I have published my first ever professional article. 

You can check out my first article, published here.

This experience is particularly important within a competitive industry and by getting my first byline in the early stages of my degree, it has given me the confidence and motivation to pursue this as a career, which is great for myself, as a first-year student, to feel.

As well as working with Kevin, I’ve also been securing my own interviews. Clive Tyldesley, the leading football commentator for ITV, gave me great insight into how the media has changed over his 20-year career. I worked with Bobbi another UA92 student to get an interview with Guy Mowbray, a football commentator for BBC and Match of the Day. He spoke about the humour and fun of the job and gave me a real insight into what it’s like to work on a FIFA World Cup.

Lastly, we spoke to Sky Sports leading presenter for Monday night football and Super Sunday, Dave Jones. He went into great detail about what its really like to work for Sky Sports with some of the nation’s favourite ex-players and managers, such as UA92 co-founder Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, and one of the greatest managers of my generation, Jose Mourinho. Being able to take some knowledge from leading professionals in sports broadcasting was invaluable, I was given tips and tricks on how to pursue a long-lasting career in Football journalism. 

How did we get these people? I thought the best way to contact these people would be to send them a message via Twitter. As most sports broadcasters are on Twitter, you can contact them quite easily and most of them reply, as they know you are students, and they remember being in your position in the past.

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